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November 15, 2021

          In this section, we get to meet some of the many personalities that comprise Cebu’s dynamic and eclectic creative ecosystem. Should you want to be profiled as well, please drop us a line at hello@localhost/designcebu. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy reading about our first set of truly inspiring and talented individuals.


          Dual Story is an independent boutique agency based in Cebu that collaborates with brands focused on insight, innovation and impact. They create roadmaps that thread their clients’ ideas, intentions and initiatives, working in the crossroads between strategy, creativity, and social development.

To learn more about Johanna and Dual Story, please visit


ZubuDA is a progressive design and architectural firm that focuses works on the built environment, Works range from small scale to large scale sizes . Currently, the firm is very strong in the residential , hospitality industry and for companies who wish to venture into a more innovative approach to their brand and organization .

Considered to be amongst the leading modern architecture firms in the country, ZubuDA’s recent Cor Jesu project in Cebu was shortlisted as a Finalist in the World Architecture Festival in 2019.

To see more of Buck’s fantastic projects, please visit


22 Tango Music Group is a multi-faceted music company. What started as a vanity record label has grown into a full-fledged small business in music production and distribution, artist management and events company that aims to elevate local music by building an inclusive community of different musical styles and genres.

This is made possible by a team of experienced, committed and passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds in management, marketing and technical production. The company is built on creativity, collaboration and community. Built from the ground up, it continuously creates and constantly evolves to deliver the best musical experience to a wide range of audiences and fans with the shared love for music and community.

To know more about Cattski and 22 Tango Records, please visit them at


The Holistic Coalition of the Willing began as a focus group of concerned Cebuano designer-
manufacturers who wanted to discuss options for the furniture export industry post-recession, with design as their vehicle for change. To actualize their theory, they worked with cross-industry partners to develop a range of sustainable, source-traceable, and community-benefitting distinctly Filipino pieces.

THE HOLICOW STORY pivots on design and sustainability, tradition and modern technique. Every piece communicates the stories of their artisans & their pursuit of harmony with nature in a way that is honest and genuine.

To know more about Debbie, Kae and Holi COW, please pop by their shop in Streetscapes or go on to their site at


MLMO Architecture and Planning is engaged mostly in Hospitality Architecture particularly in Green Structures and Master & Environmental Planning  of communities.  Its principal Joy Martinez-Onozawa is a lifelong environmental advocate and is an acknowledged expert on bamboo. She conduct workshops on Green Lifestyle Architecture,  Environment  Processes in Design & Bamboo  Appreciation. 

Also, a cultural conservationist, she advocates Heritage Preservation and Restoration and regularly consults with government on such matters.

Please visit to get to know more about Joy and her work.


Old Fool Films is a multi-awarded Indie Film Production Company founded by ex banker, Joanna Arong who moved  to Beijing in 2002 and switched careers to filmmaking. Her first feature documentary, NEO-LOUNGE, recounted  intimate stories of foreigners who went to Beijing searching to break from their past.   It played in over 20 festivals around the world and won four awards. Her second   film, YUGONG YISHAN, won the Kyobo Award at the 2 9th Busan Asian Short Film  Festival and the Best Short Documentary at the 8th Festival  Internacional del Cine Pobre Humberto Solas.  Most recently,  her film TO CALM THE PIG INSIDE about Super Typhoon Haiyan,   won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2020 Slamdance Festival in Utah.

Discover more of Joanna’s award-winning work by visiting


Pablo is a freelance photographer mostly doing commercial, corporate, promotional and editorial jobs. Based in Cebu, since 2015, Pablo originally hails from the Basque Region where he covered the Spain-ETA Conflict from 1997-2006 for Reuters. In 2011, he moved to the Global Pictures Desk of Reuters in Singapore where the quality, accuracy and speedy delivery of world breaking news photography was his scope of work, often coordinating with different intercontinental bureaus the coverage of such events.

To view more of Pablo’s fantastic photographs, please head on to