Posted by DESIGN Cebu Admin
November 20, 2022

               The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI 7) mounted its first “FiestaKucha Cebu”: Regional Creative Festival in Central Visayas in September 2023 to coincide with the first Philippine Creative Industries Month.  This series of events included conferences, learning sessions, exhibitions, makeathons, and competitions.

               These initiatives were launched to recognize the local creative industries, provide more platforms for resource and idea exchange, and gain greater support from other stakeholders.  Central Visayas is an acknowledged hotbed for creative spanning practically all disciplines identified in the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act.

               The term FiestaKucha is a portmanteau of the Philippine/Spanish word Fiesta and the second component of “pechakucha” which is a Japanese fast-paced storytelling format.  This year’s initial launch events will be augmented throughout the next year so that the 2nd iteration in 2024 will be even more comprehensive and impactful.