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November 15, 2021

          COVID19 has disrupted many businesses, upended plans and forced almost everyone to pivot. Some have been much more successful than others in adjusting to the new realities we collectively face. One essential tool in operating in the new normal is having a proper plan to adapt to this new environment.
          However, our research from 2020 seems to indicate that most small businesses do not have such a system in a place. This section utilizes accepted business frameworks to help you assess your unique situation in terms of internal functions, competitive environments, business relationships and your customer base. We have also provided you with links should you wish to further expound on a particular section.
         It is our sincere hope that this BRP can help you, your team and your organization flourish in the next normal. Best of Luck!

This is an example of the first two phases of Design Thinking which are Empathize and Synthesize wherein research is conducted, people’s (online) behavior are observed and trends formulated.

      • Now your task is to undertake the next 3 phase and think about whether you have an existing product or service that can meet this trend and make people’s lives at home better.
      • If not, can you modify or reposition an existing product or service?
      • If you do, then you should go ahead and prototype and test.
      • Once done, and you think you have a viable “new” product/service, then you need start thinking about the 4 Ps of Marketing.

** This first insight will be of particular relevance to our friends in Functional Design and Arts & Crafts (part of Traditional Cultural Expressions ) as they are the best positioned to take advantage of these trends. **

For more info about Design Thinking, please visit: and for the 4Ps and more updated 7Ps

As this is similar to  please repeat the tasks outlined in that section but expanded to include some out out-of-home behavioral patterns such as going to the mall or going for a hike in the mountains.

Should you want to track more post-COVID19, trends, the Global Web Index has made a great and complimentary dashboard at

      • Aside from marketing your products or services online, have you explored other ways how you can use technology and new apps/platforms to allow you to collaborate with co-workers, oversee tasks, streamline processes and/or accelerate decision making?
      • If yes, please explain what other areas are you employing tech?
      • If not, please identify where you think tech can benefit your operations most.
      • What other policies/programmes can DTI or other government agencies introduce to strengthen e-commerce skills of MSME entrepreneurs in the face of the COVID19 pandemic.

** Did you know that New Media is one of the fastest growing segments of Cebu’s Creative Ecosystem and we have many tech practicioners in our database? Please drop as a line at should you wish to be introduced to a vetted tech MSME.**

For more tech tools on how to reinvent your business post-COVID19, please visit

      • For those who work outside their homes, have you already implemented the government mandated enhancements?
      • Have you allowed alternative working arrangements for employees/colleagues who have difficulty getting to and from the office?
      • In case you haven’t done so, you also need to file an Establishment Report with the Department of Labor and Employment (please see link below).
      • At this point you should already know how lockdowns impact your business but this would be the time to put them to paper based on the following value chain:
      • You should also now determine, which are critical processes that need to operate, identify the necessary manpower required and plan for contingencies in case further lockdowns occur.
      • It is also imperative that you start looking at your finances for the next couple of years as the recovery timelines from this pandemic is far from certain. What is certain is that it will be a very slow and bumpy road until we revert to pre-COVID19 levels.
      • If you currently work with spreadsheets, it is best that you begin simulating different scenarios now. If not, it is best to reach out to someone who can help.
      • What unique skills sets do you and/or your team possess that will allow you to make a positive impact going forward?
      • Are there any aspects of these skills that you would like to develop further? If so have you explored ways on developing them and determined what resources they will entail?

Here’s a great piece on how designers can mobilize to help confront the new realities and on practical ways design can make a difference in a wide variety of environments

      • With many aspects of the world converging at a breakneck pace, many skillsets can be leveraged, with a bit of reskilling and upskilling, to another field.
      • Have you ever thought of shifting creative disciplines and applying your skills in an a emerging sub-sector?
      • Perhaps now is the best time to list your skills that you think can be applied in other sectors.

To see the Sub-Sectoral Snapshots of the different creative disciplines that make up Cebu’s Creative Ecosystem, please download them from:

      • There are many ways by which you can collaborate with peers and like minded-individuals. Using the different methods illustrated below, please start your own database based on your existing contacts and indicate what kind of collabo you can envision with at least 10 of them.

For more resources on Collaboration and how it relates to Creativity, please go to:

      • Aside from accelerating digital trends, the pandemic has also brought to fore the importance of health, sustainability and community as illustrated in the McKinsey study below.
      • Have you thought of ways of how you can shift your product/service offerings into this growing space?
      • If not, then maybe it’s a great time to do some soul searching and jot down some possibilities.

To learn more about this and a wide range of other COVID19 insights, please go to:

      • At this stage, you are now ready to do a SWOT self-assessment as your work in the previous
        Section will be the first entries for this matrix.
      • As indicated above, the items  will yield results that are either a strength or an opportunity while  are more than likely going to be Weaknesses or Threats. Your answers from the  can fall in any of the above depending on how you’ve answered them so please plug them in according to where you think they fit best.
      • Please take some time to think about your other SWOTs and categorize them accordingly.
      • At the same time, please type up any learnings you’ve accumulated during the lockdowns and how they’ve impacted the above or how you think they should change.

To learn more about SWOT analysis and do and conduct one online, please visit: