BIZ Reboot Toolkits for Creative Businesses

To jumpstart this process, we have come up with 10 well-researched insights – some of which you undoubtedly know about already. In some sections, these are immediately followed by additional information, others go directly to your tasks. Feel free to type into this sheet where it prompts you for answers. We have also added some links at the end of each section should you wish to explore that particular topic even more.

The home has become the Omniverse for most people. In addition to being private sanctuaries, they have also evolved into restaurants, entertainment centers, virtual classrooms , health and wellness spaces and productivity hubs – all into one.

  • Now your task is to undertake the next 3 phase and think about whether you have an existing product or service that can meet this trend and make people’s lives at home better.
  • If not, can you modify or reposition an existing product or service?
  • If you do, then you should go ahead and prototype and test.
  • Once done, and you think you have a viable “new” product/service, then you need start thinking about the 4 Ps of Marketing.

**This first insight will be of particular relevance to our friends in Functional Design and Arts & Crafts (part of Traditional Cultural Expressions) as they are the best positioned to take advantage of these trends.**